Four Reasons to Have a Combi Boiler Installed

If you have just bought a brand new home, your existing boiler has broken down or the boiler that you have is over twelve years old then you will somewhat be considering a replacement. Combi boilers are fantastic, as they supply house heating as well as water on demand – you’ll be able to do away with the hot water tank.

If You Have a Regular Heat Only Boiler Is It Worth Making The Change?
First of all it's vital to establish the present heating system you have got and also the type of arrangement you're searching for, which is able to then impact whether or not a combi boiler is suitable to put in in your home.

A cold water storage tank like this is needed for a conventional heat only boiler. When talking about ‘conventional systems’ we are commonly referring to a heat-only boiler, that has two cold-water tanks in the loft area and a hot water tank, usually found in the cupboard.

A system boiler is very similar to a heat-only boiler, except you don’t need the feed and expans…

When to Get Your Boiler Serviced

Why Do I Need An Annual Boiler Service?
You should get your boiler serviced regularly to make sure it’s operating properly. A faulty boiler might waste you money on energy and may even begin leaking poisonous carbon monoxide. Because the gas is colourless and scentless, it’s difficult to tell if one of your appliances starts leaking carbon monoxide – therefore you must get them serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer once a year.

How Often Will A Boiler Need Servicing?
The boiler is an integral part of each home, powering both central heating and hot water.

Preventing common problems that come along with your boiler is therefore key to avoiding any unneeded disturbances to your daily routine. The great news is that you don’t need to be an engineer to make sure that your boiler is running as smoothly as possible throughout the winter months, you’ll be able to just contact a licensed plumber to service your boiler.

Regular Servicing As a Preventative Measure

One of the simplest ways …

Why a Boiler Service Is So Important

Having a reliable and dependable boiler to supply hot water and heat is a daily essential. However, like several other things, it has to be regularly checked and tested to make sure all parts are operating properly.

An annual boiler service will prevent potential issues, avoid unwanted disruption, guarantee maximum central heating efficiency and keep energy bills to a minimum. With Corgi HomePlan, your safety is warranted from a respectable and well-known supplier.

Get a Plumber to Service Your Boiler
Potential Problems

Just like a typical car service, regular checks of your boiler can find whether or not something is wrong or stop any problems from getting worse. In discovering whether a fault has to be repaired or replaced, a certified engineer will carry out the work ably and subsequently keep at bay future disruptions.

When you take into account how much the typical household depends on their boiler and central heating, this can come as a good relief to most people. Life is filled…